Mission Objective


Our mission objective is to help 50,000 ex and serving members of the Armed Forces and their families learn how money works, become debt & mortgage free & work towards financial independence.

The Problem:


The UK’s personal debt mountain adds up to £1.5 trillion & rising, that’s £1,500,000,000.000!

The UK has more debt than any other country in the world!

60 million people in the UK have borrowed more money than 300 million Americans!

According to the most recent family resources survey, 79% of families have savings less than £10,000;
56% have less than £1,500; and around a third have absolutely no savings at all.


The Solution:

Financial education.  At Forces Investments we believe everyone deserves the financial education and knowledge to empower themselves to make their own financial decisions.  Financial & debt freedom is achievable for everyone if they really want it.  We do this by offering financial education & a complimentary financial game plan.

Many of our clients love what we do so much that they apply to join our team & if accepted go on to help other Forces families with their finances at the same time as earning a great income themselves doing just that!


Raise your
Financial IQ

Learn from us how money works and get smarter with your money, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, act now & get in touch.

Create Passive

Employed income isn't the only way to make money!  Passive income and earning money while you’re still in bed is the best form of income.  Want to know more then get in touch now.

Gain Financial

Our ultimate aim for you is to become financially secure.  Imagine not ever worrying about money again, leaving you FREE to focus on whatever you want to, not what you have to!  Take action & get in touch now.


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