Making a difference.

At Forces Investments we aim to make a big impact & a big difference in the world by helping families to become financially independent via predominately financial education & financial planning. 

Forces Investments was set up initially to primarily teach Forces families how to invest in property, make money & ultimately to gain financial independence.  We started out running presentations in York but soon came to realise that we were only really helping about 5% of the personnel attending our events as only 5% of them actually had any savings in the first place to invest in their futures.

The remaining 95% would always comment on how great the investment education was but then would go on to say that they either had loads of debt or had little or no money in the first place to invest & would ask if we could help them. This was a big problem that we immediately set out to solve so we could then also help the 95% towards financial independence.

We both came to realise many years ago on our personal journeys to financial independence that everyone’s most valuable asset is themselves hence the starting point for everybody had to be to invest in themselves and their financial education first as this is not taught in schools!

James educating on-site.

James educating on-site.

Saying this we began planning for a system where as we could help everyone, not just the 5% & empower families to make their own financial decisions through financial education
that covered the following:

  • Teaching them how money works
  • How to accelerate out of debt
  • How to create an additional income 
  • How to invest their money to make more money & a passive income 
  • And how to legally protect their assets including themselves

We also spent a vast amount of time researching & looking at other companies that we could work with & opportunities on offer to help us achieve this. To cut a long story short, due to all the painstaking research we carried out & networking we eventually discovered a financial education company that were doing great things in the UK. After several meetings we soon came to realise that this company had the same values and standards as ourselves which was a breath of fresh air!  They also had a great proven time tested system already in place to help families.  Subsequently we have now joined forces with them and use their system so as to not only provide financial education but also financial planning and an opportunity to join our team & earn a part or full time income helping other Forces families.