Currently Forces Investments offers six different services all with the main aim of helping you and your family keep and put money in your pockets.  More importantly as part of our service to you & your family, we will teach & give you the opportunity to protect your assets and wealth from vultures for future generations.  

See below the services offered.



We offer financial education via financial awareness presentations to Military Units on request & also visit & educate forces families on more of an informal basis one
to one.

Save Money

We're sure you'll agree that money saved is money made. We help you make great savings in an industry monopolised by large corporates that make large profits. Up to 10% of the profits are given to charity.

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with Forces Investments.


At Forces Investments we’re always researching alternative investments with the main aim of building you cash producing assets giving you a minimum of a 6% return over and above inflation.


Financial Game
Plan (FGP)

We offer you & your family a complementary FGP. This will give you a current financial health check followed by a plan to meet your future financial goals & ultimately financial independence.

Property Buying Survival Course (PBSC)

Due to our vast knowledge & experience in the property market we now offer a PBSC teaching you the dos and don’ts when buying or investing in a property potentially saving you a lot of time & money.



We have a big mission ahead helping Forces family’s reach financial independence therefore we need a big team to achieve this.  We offer you an opportunity to own your own business & earn a part or full time income as part of our team, no qualifications or experience required & full training & ongoing support provided.