Dene Josham - Co Founder of
Forces Investments


Property Investor, public speaker & financial educator Dene Josham was born July 1971 and is the Co-Founder of Forces Investments with an impressive background in property investments and links to properties within his local area of Lincolnshire.

Dene’s family have a great history within the Uniformed Services as his grandfather served in WW2 in the Army, his father having served 14 years in the RAF and Dene himself being an ex-Royal Marine & Fire Fighter. Dene has also spent many very successful years in the CP world & still even now keeps his hands in on occasions & his whole family have a great love and connection with the UK Armed Forces. 

Dene’s career in the Royal Marines though was cruelly cut short after having served only 2 years due to an unfortunate accident back home whilst on leave, leaving him physically impaired and mentally scarred! This was a massive blow to Dene & he struggled for many years to come to terms with this due to the realisation that he only had a limited education, even more so a limited financial education & believed back then that he would never achieve anything again or go anywhere in life!

Dene did eventually get his head together by investing in himself and has over the previous 5 years been very successful & bought many investment properties for himself & other investors & in turn created a great passive income for all involved. Just over 2 years ago now Dene also teamed up with James Mason and together they founded Forces Investments, their mission to make a difference & address financial issues that clearly affect the vast majority of the UK population!

Due to Dene’ injuries & having to leave the Royal Marines, he was forced to explore other options & after several years he eventually attended and successfully completed numerous financial & personal development courses allowing him to significantly broaden his knowledge, develop his mind state & increase his financial awareness. This was not easy and he made many mistakes & had many failures on his way but what he learnt from this was much more important! 

The more financially aware Dene became & due to the realisation that this financial education is not taught in schools he gained a passion to want to tell, teach & help others to become financially aware and ultimately financially secure.

It was during Dene’s training where he first met his business partner & now friend & co-founder James Mason. They hit it off straight away and soon came to realise they shared the same values and standards & had within them the same passion & desire to help others towards achieving their goals and financial security, without making the same costly mistakes they both faced whilst on both their journeys. This was where the idea of Forces Investments was first born.

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James Mason - Co Founder of
Forces Investments


Property Investor, public speaker & financial educator James Mason was born 3rd November 1973 and is the Co-Founder of Forces Investments.  James and his family have been investing mainly in property for over 20 years now and most of his personal properties were bought whilst still serving in the British Army.

James served for 22 years in the regular Army before retiring in November 2013.  On his journey to financial independence whilst still a serving soldier James made many mistakes and suffered many failures and came very close to bankruptcy due to lack of financial education and little to no research being conducted. 

Once James eventually pulled his head out of the sand and decided to invest in himself and his own financial education, over several years he eventually turned his financial situation around to a point whereas his property portfolio provided him a passive income equivalent to his Army wage which was his plan.

James reached this point due to financial awareness & personal development training & education.  During the same period he was also mentored by two multi-millionaires of which he paid tens of thousands of pounds to for the privilege!

It was during this period in James life that he became aware of the lack of basic financial education across the board within the Armed Forces & the UK in general!  This was also the time that he met his future business partner, friend and co-founder of Forces Investments Mr Dene Josham.

James whilst serving in his final unit, due to the pain of seeing so many colleagues in debt and his desire to help others then began financially educating fellow soldiers.  In some case’s even though very risky for himself then paid of several of the soldiers debt, making a small profit himself at the same time as saving them thousands of pounds!

This was where James had the idea of setting up Forces Investments for when he left the Army as he soon came to realise that people were not taught anything about finance at school, even though money is used and thought about on a daily basis and there was and always will be a massive need for this financial education!

Forces Investments was then born in January 2014 and this is when James then joined Forces with Mr Dene Josham who also had a military background and an impressive extensive background in property investments and financial education.  On top of this James & Dene shared the same ethos, values & standards including integrity, honesty and decency which were vital to their survival!

James and Dene are very enthusiastic and passionate about what they do and work very hard together to do whatever it takes to help ex and serving members of the Armed Forces & their families to learn how money works, become debt & mortgage free and to ultimately become financially independent!

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